On my way back to school… after a three hour flight, a five hour layover, and another seven hour flight, I made my way to the Zurich train station with my two suitcases, backpack, pillow, and bag of popcorn. As my train pulled into the station — the train from Italian-speaking Lugano to German-speaking Zurich — crowds of people came out. Appearing slowly behind the just-dispersed crowd was an elderly woman who was struggling to walk down the steps and carry her suitcase down at the same time. I was standing at the foot of the train already, so I reached up and took her luggage from her. I held onto it on the train platform, then reached out my hand for the woman to grab on her last step down. “Grazie mille,” she said to me, and it took me a while to remember what to say in response. “Prego.”

Once I made it to my school campus four hours later, tired and hungry, I picked up my room key from the office of student life. Two old classmates of mine were there, and after catching up they offered to help me with my bags. So each of them took a suitcase, rolled it across the street, carried it down the stairs, and brought it to my dorm room for me.

Things come around.