I chalk-bombed some city sidewalks with colorful hopscotches today.

My bestie helped me throw down this first one, the most multi-colored of the bunch. It’s in front of a church on Petersen & Francisco. She wrote the “Have Fun!”, and the sign beside the hopscotch reads “Jump for joy! (You don’t need to stay inside the box.)

The next one is by the Salvation Army on Devon & Leavitt. It reads, “If you can hopscotch from here to there, you’re in good shape for the day.

Hopscotch #3 is next to the Jewel on Broadway & Berwyn. Its sign is covered in hopscotch-ing pebbles & says, “This stone is your problem. Throw it into a box (compartmentalization), hop to it (step-by-step), pick it up (it isn’t so heavy), and keep going.

By the time I got around to hopscotch #4, I ran outta chalk — so the “Be a kid.” poster stands alone, inside some hearts, on the sidewalk, between a bus stop and the Mickey D’s on Clark & Bryn Mawr.


Day 6/30